Prices:     Shipping prices are different. (Click here for shipping info)

The following are prices at my building and at the craft shows I attend.
1 jar  $7.50
2 jars $15.00
3 jars $20.00
4 jars $26.00
6 jars $38.00
8 jars $50.00

1 case   $72.00                A case is 12 jars.  Each jar is 12 oz
2 cases $70.00 each
3 cases $68.00 each
4 cases $65.00 each       Call 601-798-0705 and leave a message.
5 cases $63.00 each
6 cases $60.00 each

Wholesale information:  Why so expensive? Please realize, I make every jar by myself and I am selling everything I can make.  Retail pays me more than wholesale.  If you really wish to buy large quantities of my product, here are the prices.  Prices do not include shipping & handling.  The shops that do sell my product wait for me to come past their place on my way to a show or another delivery and then there is no extra charge for shipping.

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